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Perfect Neck Pillow 

Designed to make sleep, rest & life more comfortable!

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Thank you for the G Perfect Neck Pillow Company Interest!

G Perfect Neck Pillow was designed 

& developed in 2019 with close Family & Friends becoming the first Happy customers! 

Official Business Start, April 2021 - 

In the Beautiful Town & State of 

New Boston, Michigan

The meaning behind the company name - 

Letter G stands for my first name Geanine and Perfect symbolizes the positive neck pillow performance.  

After suffering many years with neck pain, migraines and frequent headaches, thought to be caused by my work, golfing, cutting grass, or simple life stressors and  trying out many different pillows on the market to ease the pain, I finally decided to design my own personal neck pillow and the result was perfect for my neck.

Not only was it extremely comforting & cooling for my neck at night, every morning I woke up without a stiff neck, no morning headaches and I finally felt refreshed & happy after sleeping! It is also great for power naps! I have not gone one night without my G Perfect Neck Pillow since (my Everyday pillow - firm), nor has my husband & many of my first very happy customers too!

When designing the neck pillow, the key component to the G Perfect Neck Pillow development was true Quality with only Pure USA materials! Completeness was also my main design focus, creating a super comfortable - luxurious feeling neck pillow with a zippered pillow protector and pillowcase included. 

Getting Quality Sleep is one of the most Important things You can do for Everyday well-being.

Our  Company Mission

Is to help many who experience 

neck & head health conditions, 

sleep disturbances and 

provide a more comfortable 

every night sleep & rest

 for everyone. Ultimately resulting

in a refreshing and positive

new day.

Using the G Perfect Neck Pillow

is a simple, cost efficient & effective

 way to add Comfort into your Life 

while easing aches and pains!

Enjoy the day & Everyday with 

Exceptional Neck Comfort!


Geanine - Company Founder

G Perfect Neck Pillow - Store  

Order Here Today!