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Perfect Neck Pillow 

Designed to make sleep, rest & life more comfortable!

Memorial Day Special - through 6/4

A Refreshing Summer Contest - Enter Here!

G Perfect Neck Pillow - Communication

An ongoing series of 

informative & exciting entries,


customer frequently asked questions,

upcoming specials, pictures 

& positive thoughts.

Our Latest Blog Entry

May 29, 2023

"Let their remembrance be as lasting

as the land they honored."

 - Daniel Webster

Happy Memorial Day

Summer Safety Reminders -

for a Stress-Free,

Fun and Memorable


Sun Safety - Protect your skin with 30 SPF minimum.  Apply SPF lip balm.  Wear a hat, sunglasses and seek shade when the sun's rays are strongest, between 12pm and 4pm.  Stay hydrated with water! 

Insect Safety - Wear insect repellent containing DEET.  Light colored clothing will make you less attractive to bees and allow you to spot ticks easier. 

Pool Safety - Only swim when supervised by a water watcher.  Secure pool with fence and locked gate.  Keep U.S. Coast Guard approved life jackets available and near pool.  Be sure life jackets are worn by those who do not know how to swim.  Never leave a young child unattended near water!

Beach Safety - Only swim when supervised with a water watcher and lifeguard.  Be cautious of rip currents and waves.  Build a sandcastle, instead of digging a hole.  

Boat Safety - Wear correct fitting life jacket.  Keep extra floatation devices on board.  Drive Responsible!  Make sure boat is in good working condition. Inform someone of your boating plans.  Be sure your boat has a fire extinguisher.  Bring cell phone.  Stay alert for other boats, swimmers, commercial fishing nets and buoys.  

ATV & Dirt Bike Safety - Wear appropriate safety gear - DOT compliant helmets, goggles, gloves, longs sleeves, long pants and boots.  Never ride on paved or public roads.  Always supervise younger riders.  Be cautious and drive carefully!

BBQ Safety - Keep grill away from home, garage and deck railing.  Keep children and pets at least 3 feet away from grill.  Never leave grill unattended while lit.  Store propane tanks outside, away from house and firmly turned off.  Keep fire extinguisher on hand.  Do not use wire bristle brush to clean grill top.

Fireworks Safety - Never allow young children to handle fireworks.  Older children should use them only under close adult supervision.  Choose a safe location.  Stay at least 35 feet away from ground fireworks.  Only light one firework at a time.  Keep large bucket of water and hose nearby.  Always soak fireworks after use to prevent fires.  Never re-light or handle malfunctioning firework.  Follow your state and local city fireworks ordinance.

Relax and Reenergize

after the Summer Sun and Fun

with G Perfect Neck Pillow!

Memorial Day Special - through 6/4

May 22, 2023

Summertime is almost here

and May is

Mental Health & Wellness

Awareness Month -

Becoming Aware & Reaching Out​

to Happier!

Life is a true blessing - A great, happy and rewarding challenge! It's not always easy and we all experience high and low points in our life, but if we keep our mental wellbeing in check, focus positively and make the necessary adjustments - Life is Simple, Stable and Completely Gratifying!

2023 Mental Wellbeing - should not be a sensitive subject to discuss with others.  Communicating your feelings with a trained professional or friend is helpful and positive.  Reaching out to someone who may be struggling is helpful too! 

Sometimes it's just a small change that will enable better life navigation.

Sometimes our inner-circle may notice something that we do not.

Sometimes reaching out on a deeper "How Are You?" level may benefit everyone around us.

Sometimes simple acknowledgement along with an action plan is the solution to better days.

Always seek help for any suicidal thoughts or actions!


'Alone we are Strong, Together we are Stronger'

Embrace Life!

Mental Health America


31 Tips to Boost Your

Mental Health

988 Mental Health Lifeline

G Perfect Neck Pillow 

Summer Blue Travel Bag

is Here -

Great for all types of

Summer Fun Travel!

Guaranteed - Happy

Comfort! : )

Memorial Day Special - 


Summer Blue Travel Bag!  

Memorial Day Special - 

Through 6/4

May 15, 2023

May is National Physical

Fitness Month -

Physical activity can lead to 

healthy & brighter days!

Regular physical activity is one of the most important things you can do for your health. It can improve brain & heart health, help manage weight, reduce the risk of disease, strengthen bones & muscles, improve mental health and overall wellbeing.  The World Health Organization recommends 60 minutes of physical activity per day (rotating moderate intensity and greater intensity physical activity).  Daily physical activity...makes you feel good!  If you struggle finding the physical activity motivation, add music to your daily routine. 

Mix It Up with Daily Physical Activity Ideas - 

- Walk - Fast Walking Too!

- Jog or Run

- Bike Ride

- Swim

Play Golf, Tennis, Basketball, Baseball, Volleyball, Frisbee, Jump Rope or Play Catch!

- Yoga & Step Aerobics

- Dance

- Kayaking 

- Yardwork & Gardening

- Resistance Strength Training - Free Weights, Push-Ups, Squats and Chin-Ups 

- Daily Stretching Exercises

- Home Physical Activity - Washing Windows, Vehicle, Deep Cleaning & Vacuuming

Movement and an increased heart rate is the goal to physical fitness activity.  Create a daily physical kick-start your Summer activity plan that you enjoy!  Remember H2O - It's very important to drink plenty of water during and after physical fitness activity! 

A Refreshing Summer Contest! 

Enter to WIn -

$100 Visa Gift Card 

Firm Original - G Perfect Neck Pillow 

+ 24 box case of JUST Water!

Random drawing on July 30th, 2023

A Refreshing Summer Contest - 

Enter Here To Win!

May 8, 2023

Happy Mother's Day 


Mother's Day Special Delivery -

from the heart!

Special Delivery Available -

Bow, Note Card and 

Butterfly Tissue Paper Included!


Personalized Direct Shipping

with a Special Touch!

Order by May 10th for Guaranteed : ) Delivery!

May 1, 2023

A Happy Mother's Day...

is Sunday, May 14th

Mothers spend a lifetime giving 

genuine Love & Care -

Give everyday appreciation for her

this Mother's Day!

A Mothers Love

is like a beautiful butterfly -

It knows to go where it pleases

and pleases wherever it goes.

Mother's Day Special!

G Perfect Neck Pillow

Loved by Moms Everywhere!

April 24, 2023 

A neck pillow with Great Purpose!

Neck pain is not only irritating,

it can be very disruptive to Life!

Common Neck Pain Causes - physical strain, poor posture, mental stress, osteoarthritis, pinched nerve, injury and other health conditions. 

Reduce the Risk of Neck Strain Tips -  Try to use good posture when standing or sitting.  Keep your head in a neutral - straight forward position when using computers, smartphones or when reading for long periods of time.  Be careful when lifting heavy items.  Avoid carrying heavy bags with straps over one shoulder.  Be sure not to overstretch neck muscles, when turning to look at something.  Don't overuse muscles during Spring cleanup & Spring gardening, frequent breaks will allow muscles to gradually build muscle memory.  When sleeping - your head and neck should be aligned with your body, use the G Perfect Neck Pillow under your neck for comfort and neck strain prevention.

Neck Pain Self Care Treatment - Reduce inflammation with an ice pack and then use heat only, along with pain relievers. Begin gentle stretching exercises and incorporate a neck massage for pain relief.  Seek medical care if neck pain worsens, persists several weeks after self care treatment or pain radiates down your arms and legs! 


Neck strain and pain is very common

and it can happen at any moment - 

Be Prepared & Discover the Relief

with G Perfect Neck Pillow!

G Perfect Neck Pillow Store

April 17, 2023 

Celebrate and Love 

Our Beautiful Planet!

"Look profound into nature,

 and afterward,

you will comprehend everything better."

Albert Einstein

Simple Smart Changes Help!


we can make our World

 A better place

Today and for our Future.

Enjoy G Perfect Neck Pillow

Earth Day

Free Shipping through 4/22!

G Perfect Neck Pillow Store

April 10, 2023 

Did you know

that seasonal allergies can cause neck pain?

The scientific explanation for how seasonal allergies can cause neck pain is due to inflammation according to Upper Cervical Awareness. When your body detects an allergen - like pollen or dust - it mounts an immune response to fight it off.  This response can trigger inflammation in various parts of the body, including the neck.  Inflammation is a a natural response to infection, but it can also cause pain, stiffness and discomfort. 

Spring temperatures are beginning to rise and seasonal allergies may become more bothersome during this time. If you suffer with seasonal allergies, headaches and neck discomfort, G Perfect Neck Pillow is here to help - Try our 60 Day - Satisfaction Guarantee Today!

Exceptional comfort is key to fighting

daily discomfort!

April 3, 2023 


Easter's on its way"  


April 9th

 Making Perfect Hard Boiled Egg Tips

 for Easter egg coloring &delicious recipes 

for eating after!

A bright week ahead...

Springtime beautiful

Easter Celebrations

and Easter Week Breathtaking Views 

from Augusta National Golf Club!

It's Truly Springtime Inspiration

 at its finest

and pairs perfectly with the 

calming - relaxing - comforting

G Perfect Neck Pillow 

Golf enthusiast or not, the beautiful landscape will impress!

The 87th Masters Tournament is 

April 6 - 9 Easter Day

Easter Week Specials

Free Spring Pillowcase with

Green Neck Pillow Cover Included

Plus Free Shipping through Easter!

G Perfect Neck Pillow Store

March 27, 2023 

Springtime beautiful blooms

and brightly colored Easter Happiness -

Easter is Sunday, April 9th

The Traditions of -

coloring Easter eggs, filling Easter baskets,

 Easter egg hunts and a friendly visit with the 

Easter bunny is

 Simple, Pure, Springtime Happiness

enjoyed & memorable

for all!

Click link below for 45

Extra Special & Creative Easter Egg Ideas

that are sure to please

 It's a Happy Easter Soon - 

Enjoy the Springtime Fun!

Better Homes & Gardens - Easter Egg Ideas

G Perfect Neck Pillow 

The Perfect Springtime Bright & Happy

Gift for

friends, family, the Easter dinner host

& even kids Easter baskets!

Free Shipping through 4/2

G Perfect Neck Pillow Store

March 20,  2023 


Bright and Happy Springtime for

Sleep, Rest, Day & Home

A sense of refreshing, calm, Spring comfort!

Spring Pillowcase can be purchased separately 

Free Shipping through 4/2 

Springtime Green Neck Pillow Cover Included

G Perfect Neck Pillow Store

March 13,  2023 

 Transition into the Spring Season

with a Book -

March is National Reading Month! 

Reading is essential for those who seek

to rise above the ordinary." - Jim Rohn

Reading is also one of the smartest things

 individuals of all ages can do for personal growth.

Maintaining good reading posture is important

 for our health and reading stamina, but is sometimes

a reading challenge during the busy day.

Relax and Refrain from Reading Neck Strain by incorporating comfortable nighttime bed reading into your life!  Reading a book (rather than phone technology) in bed before sleep is good according to a Sleep Junkie Study and Sleep Expert Author, Dorothy Chambers.  "Those who read in bed at night not only showed greater relaxation, a reduction in stress, fell asleep faster, clear mindset, improved sleep quality, it even helped them out in the workplace." Reading in bed may also establish better reading concentration, focus and reading retention.

Town & Country Magazine - Best Spring Books!

Complimentary Green Neck Pillow Cover

Nighttime Reading is Good, especially without Neck Strain!

G Perfect Neck Pillow


March 6,  2023 

 Welcome Springtime March

 and Green - The Color of Life!

A symbol for hope, healing, safety, growth, prosperity 

and relaxation. 

Bring Early Spring 

Deep Green Spirit... Into Your Life & Home

with a Complimentary eye catching and durable

Green Neck Pillow Cover 

Included with all neck pillows through March!

Experience the - Springtime Deep Green

 Calming Effect Today!

G Perfect Neck Pillow Store

Color brings life into ordinary days.

February 27,  2023 

Life can be stressful at times - 

Escape with

G Perfect Neck Pillow

Calming - neck pillow - Comfort

Protective Travel Bag Included 

through March 5th 

available in -

 Sky, Sand, Black


New - Aqua 

Good Sleep is Essential

 for our physical, emotional and mental wellbeing!

 Struggling with Good Sleep?

 Try Our Company

 60 Day - 100% Satisfaction Guarantee


Become Another Good Sleep Customer Here!

G Perfect Neck Pillow Store

February 20,  2023 

Presidents' Day Quotes

"America was not built on fear. America was built on courage,

 on imagination and an unbeatable determination to do the job at hand." 

Harry S. Truman - 33rd  U.S. President


"99% of failures come from people who have a habit of making excuses." 

George Washington - 1st U.S. President

"You cannot fail, if you resolutely determine that you will not. " 

Abraham Lincoln - 16th U.S. President

Violence in America - is continually

 breaking hearts, morale and the great American spirit. 

Failing to Act and Speak Up is Unacceptable!

America has to become a better, safer and honest place

 to live in - Today, Tomorrow and for

Our Future.

 "Coming together is a beginning,

staying together is progress, 

and working together is success."

- Henry Ford

Prayers and positive wishes for the entire

 Michigan State University Community

and other heartbroken communities 

all across the country.


February 13,  2023 

Listening to Music daily is Healthy

for the Heart!

A Classic 1983 Song with True Inspiration

Lyrics, Vocals, Instruments and the Passion For True

is Beautiful & Powerful!

Music inspires creativity, improves focus

 elevates mood and is...


Enter to Win -

True Comfort - Spring Contest!

Your Chance to Win - The  Exceptional

 Firm Original - G Perfect Neck Pillow with

 Spring Travel Bag plus

JBL Tour Pro Plus True Wireless Earbuds

 The Perfect - Combination for

Relaxing to sounds of your soul and adding 

Spring 2023 in your step!

Random Drawing on April 30th, 2023

 one entry per email - purchase not necessary to enter - winner will be emailed on Sunday 4/30 and announced on 5/1/2023 

*Great JBL Sound Quality & Comfort - Best of Luck!

February 6,  2023 

Valentine's Day is here soon -

A day filled with Kindness, Love 

& Appreciation!

Why is February 14th, 2023 Special?

It's Truly -

A day to show you care in big or little ways.

A day to show kindness, a smile or a friendly hello.

A day to express love & appreciation

for everyone in your life.

A day to know that you are loved unconditionally.

 Valentine's Day -

 Love & Happiness To All!

Valentine's Day Ideas

 for a Special - Love - Tuesday

Quality time with loved ones, family, friends

and your pets too...means so much!

Most Important - plan a favorite special breakfast, lunch or dinner (or all 3).   Good food is Foundation for a Happy Day!  Fresh squeezed morning orange juice, a lunch love note, a dinner candle and a delicious dessert will also add a special touch to the day.

Away from Home Ideas - visit a botanical garden, art or history museum.  Enjoy a play, music or sporting event.  Schedule a yoga, dance, art class or spa appointment. Go ice skating, bowling, skiing or out for a game of pool.  Plan a newly-released movie theatre night or visit your favorite bookstore, coffee or donut shop. 

At Home Ideas - make a family or romantic Valentine's dinner together, listen to your favorite music, sing & dance....because it's fun!  Enjoy an outdoor cozy wood fire, relax & converse, bring a blanket, background music and an outdoor drink.  Play a card game (Speed is a fun 2 person game), board or trivia game.  Get creative with a special paint or pencil art drawing to keep.  Make homemade hot chocolate (recipe below), strawberries with melted chocolate or an ice cream sundae. Watch a movie with popcorn and a delicious drink of your choice. It's a day to indulge!

Special Ideas for Children - plan a Valentine's Day friend or family party with decorations, games, music and treats (include pets too). Create Love hearts with pink, red & purple paper and write special messages on them.  Write a Love poem or rhyme for someone special to keep.  Take Valentine's Day fun pictures.  Help children make - heart shaped cookies with frosting and sprinkles, a heart shaped homemade pizza or fresh squeezed lemonade with strawberries. (recipe below)

Additional Ideas & Thoughts - Surprise your valued colleagues or customers with Valentine's Day donuts, bagels & cream cheese, scones or gourmet coffee.  Plan a friendly visit or phone call to a neighbor or friend you haven't seen in awhile.  Offer a helping hand or encouragement to someone who may need it.  Smile more today and give out a genuine compliment to anyone who deserves it.  Wear Red - it's powerful, passionate and festive!  Be sure whatever is planned for the day is - of mutual interest or enjoyment for all!

 Let 2023 - Love & Appreciation - Fill the Air! 

It's Always the thought and effort that 

is Truly Remembered!

G Perfect Neck Pillow

Simple - Hot Chocolate Recipe

1 -1/3 cup whole milk  (a little heavy cream is good to add too)

1 tablespoon unsweetened cocoa power

1 tablespoon sugar 

1/8 teaspoon vanilla extract

Warm milk in saucepan on low heat until you see edge bubbles. Stir cocoa, sugar and vanilla in mug and add 2 tablespoons of hot milk to mixture, stir until smooth. Pour in remaining milk and add your favorite toppings below! 

Add any toppings if desired - mini marshmallows, cinnamon, chocolate shavings, caramel, chocolate or raspberry drizzle and whipped cream 

Double recipe for 2 servings. 

A sweet anytime treat in a cup!

Strawberry Lemonade Recipe

8 medium lemons (1 sliced for pitcher)

1  Quart of fresh strawberries (1/4 cup sliced for pitcher)

1 1/2 cup granulated sugar 

8 cups of filtered or pure water 

Cut and squeeze lemons (1 1/2 cups of lemon juice). Slice strawberries and puree 3/4 - Quart of strawberries in blender (strain seeds if desired).  In a small saucepan on medium heat, stir sugar and 2 cups of water to a boil - creating simple syrup. Remove heat & cool to room temperature. Combine 6 cups of water, sugar water syrup, lemon juice & strawberry puree. Taste for sweetness satisfaction 

Transfer to pitcher and add remaining sliced strawberries and a few lemon slices for extra flavor. Refrigerate until cold.

Serve refreshing drink with ice!


is American Heart Month 

Learn Important Heart Health Tips

for you and a loved one!

American Heart Association

January 30,  2023 

Roses are Red

 Violets are Blue

 True - Valentine's Day - Spirit 

 is Here . . . Free

Just For You!

New  Love Red 23 - Pillowcase


with neck pillow purchase 

Valentine's Day Special #1

Firm Original or Soft Neck Pillow

 + Love Red 23 Pillowcase + Standard Pillowcase +

Free Priority Shipping

through 2/14

Order Valentine's Special Here!

Winter - A Beautiful time of year!

Reminder Tips for Staying Safe in the

Winter Season 

Stay hydrated with water

Eat nourishing food

Wear moisturizing lotion, sunscreen & lip protection

Warmup and stretch before shoveling snow

Dress in layers, hat, gloves, mask in extreme weather

Take short breaks while shoveling - It is not a race!

Salt sidewalk, porch or steps to prevent icing

Travel with an Emergency Travel Kit & Plan -

Plan trips according to weather and road conditions.  Always leave with a charged phone and notify someone of your travel plans.  Travel with an ice scraper,  car phone charger,  jumper cables, flashlight, first aid kit, water, protein snack, blanket and bright colored extra clothing.

When the power goes out -

Keep outdoor generator 20 feet away from house minimum.  Never leave indoor portable heater unattended or near anything flammable.  Be sure smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors are working.  Keep an eye out for neighbors in need of help.

The Winter Season can take a toll on your energy level - due to the body using extra energy to stay warm and lack of sunlight. When the sun is out take a short walk, the fresh air will provide a boost of energy and natural-needed Vitamin D.  Enjoy time outdoors, but take an occasional indoor break. Good soup, water and hot chocolate is a great way to warm up and re-energize quickly. 

Cold weather is known to cause neck and shoulder pain - due to the body's instinctive-tightness response to cold conditions. The G Perfect Neck Pillow will help relieve cold weather neck & shoulder pain and will relax you indoors during the Beautiful 2023 Winter Season. 

January 23,  2023 

Love is in the Air - 

Valentine's Day is Tuesday, February 14th 2023

Give Everyday Love & Comfort

this Valentine's Day -

The Kindness will be Remembered

throughout 2023!

Valentine's Day Special #2

Firm Original Neck Pillow

with Cozy Sweater Pillowcase Included

in Light Pink & Grey

Plus Free Shipping!

Only $28

 Special through 2/14

The Perfect Valentine's Day Gift

From the Heart!

Order Valentine's Day Special Here!

January 16,  2023 

Today - We Remember and Celebrate

 Martin Luther King Jr.

1929 - 1968

A tremendous leader with a positive vision -

influencing people around the world.

He advocated for peaceful approaches to 

problems in society and was a key figure 

in the Civil Rights Movement.

His Determination & Integrity will 

never be forgotten.

As we reflect and Celebrate

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

 his vision, accomplishments and spirit today,

it is also imperative we become inspired

and focus on our world today.

Here are a few simple thoughts & ideas that may

Brighten 2023 & Beyond -

Appreciate and Respect the Character of All People - If we were all alike, life would not be as interesting. Learning from each other is important.

Celebrate You - We all have good days and not so good days, properly navigating life and the continuous challenges will build confidence, strength, knowledge, inner-happiness and brighter days. You have the key to your - happy & content life. 

Improve Communication - A phone call or in person contact helps mutually identify how someone is doing and feeling, establishing a genuine and deeper connection.

Live Life More Present - Limit "digital technology" when you are in the presence of friends, family, coworkers or in public spaces, it will promote quality engagement, better communication and allow you to become more aware of your surroundings. It will also give you the ability to show off your "friendly" self and meet new people with similar interests. 

Live Life More Observant - If you see, read or hear something concerning, out of normal character or notice a true red flag - Trust your intuition and Act on it! Reach out and address your concern appropriately or if that is not a possible option, notify a trained professional for help. Noticing, processing and addressing a concern is a very important proactive approach to caring and showing appreciation for the world.

Live Life with Purpose - Appreciate every day. Focus on the positives in life. Do what makes You happy. Help when you can. Seek Help if you need it. Never feel alone. Never let anyone or anything alter your positive path. Take good care of yourself. Write down daily notes, goals, or any thought that makes you happy and refer back to it (our great mind can only remember so much)! Today is a new day, try to make it better than yesterday. 

Bright 2023 & Beyond

January 9,  2023 

G Perfect Neck Pillow 

Pure - Natural - Life Changing - Comfort

Have you ever?

-   Woke up with stiffness, pain or lack of normal rotation in your neck?

-   Woke up with a headache and brain fog that lingered, even after coffee?

-   Found yourself struggling to get comfortable in bed?

-   Experienced a migraine and felt the need to hold & place pressure on your head?

 Wanted a peaceful, quiet and comfortable rest or sleep on the couch?

-   Traveled as a passenger and needed a few minutes of comfortable rest?

 Went on vacation, but did not sleep well at night?

 Had a delayed flight that caused stress and needed rest at the airport?

 Slept or laid uncomfortably in a hospital bed or as a visitor in a chair?

-  Wanted to bring a pillow, but decided it was inconvenient or too bulky?

Searched for a versatile pillow that could be used for all areas of pain or as a comfort aid when feeling unwell or a little blue

-  Shopped for the perfect - neck pillow,  reading pillow or travel pillow?

if your answer is Yes to any question

 - G Perfect Neck pillow -

is the 100% guaranteed solution

to help!

good Sleep & rest is important to your health and mental wellbeing

Brighten & comfort 2023 


g perfect neck pillow


It's not just a pillow...

It's a Quality G Pillow with Great Purpose!

Become Another Happy Customer Here!

January 1,  2023 

Happy New Year!

A New Year is a Beautiful New Journey -

filled with vision, clarity, focus,

strength, challenges. perseverance,

reflection, comfort, compassion, 

kindness, love, laughter 

peace & patience. 

- Happiest 2023 Journey -

 To All


Color of the Year 2023

Viva Magenta 


Bravery and Confidence in color!

Pantone - Viva Magenta 18-1750 - Article

 Gain clarity, peace, comfort

 and a splash

 of energizing color in 2023 with

 G Perfect Neck Pillow + Complimentary

Bright 23 - Neck Pillow Cover 

 with neck pillow purchase 

Exceptional Neck Pillow ​

for Home & Travel with

2023 - brave, confident, optimistic Spirit!

23 Neck Pillow Cover - Limited Time Only!

G Perfect Neck Pillow Store

Enjoy Everyday of Your 2023 Bright Journey!


Monday  - October 24,  2022 

Great Nighttime sleep solution !

Beds can be very inviting 

and aesthetically pleasing

 with many comforting sleeping 

pillows  &  accent pillows - 

If you find yourself still struggling

 with sleep or falling asleep, 

neck pain or morning headaches

 with a similar bed setup

& multiple pillows...

g perfect neck pillow

 is here to help!

Simplify -  sleep solution!

Our neck pillow is designed

 to complement your favorite pillow! 

A simple and very helpful approach

 to better sleep and a

healthier - feeling neck. 

Protecting your neck

 while you sleep or rest

 is underestimated until you try the

 G Perfect Neck Pillow!

simply perfect !

Our Latest Blog Entry  

Monday  - October 17,  2022 

Sometimes...The Simple Things

 in Life are the most Pleasurable

 & most Memorable!

G Perfect Neck Pillow 

Pure - Simplistic - Authentic

 Beneficial - Comfort

You never knew you needed!


Monday  - October 10,  2022 

How the G Perfect Neck Pillow can be Helpful For You - 

* Comforts aches & pains (neck & other body-pain points too!)

* Protects neck from cervical strain or misalignment (preventative neck management)

* Allows You to fall asleep faster & sleep better throughout the night

* Acts as a relaxation aid to reduce anxiety, stress & tension or when feeling unwell

* Provides comfort for all types of travel 

The pillow with Great purpose! 

G Perfect Neck Pillow

Add some exceptional 

G Perfect Neck Pillow Comfort 

into Your - Sleep, Rest & Life!

Autumn Sale - Order Here!


Monday - September 26, 2022 

It was a wonderful weekend at the -

Relay For Life - Romulus, Michigan 

The beautiful arch of hope, community spirit, awareness,

& dedication - To Make A Difference -

 in the fight against cancer!

Thank you - Shona , Kristen, Relay Supporters

 Local Businesses & Community for hosting the very positive, fun, memorable & beautiful event.

It was a pleasure being in the presence of

 Your Dedication & Kindness! 

Great Communities - Make A Difference! : )


Monday - September 12, 2022 

Happy Monday & Thank You!

G Perfect Neck Pillow - Customer Comments

My husband and I both felt the difference from the first night we used the firm-original neck pillow. It's something I never even considered or thought I was missing, but I feel much more supported and I wake up more rested. I will be purchasing more for others. Cynthia

The neck pillow is a slice of heaven! It provides just enough support for my neck. Deb 

The neck pillow made my wife who has MS smile! So comforting for her. Elliott 

We love the Firm G Perfect Neck Pillow. Sleep with it every night. Bill

The neck pillow has really helped my neck pain. The quality is great. Sharing with others for sure. Lisa

I usually sleep on my side and I love the support it gives my neck, but I also use it on my lower stomach to relieve back pressure. It works great.  I love this pillow!  Ronda

I misplaced my neck pillow one night and had to get up and find it to go to sleep. So comforting! Doug

The neck pillow provides enough support for my neck that I don't wake up with headaches. It relieves the pressure points and I sleep comfortably through the night. Dave

I love the neck pillow. It is very comfortable. I even used it after my surgery for my stomach and back. The size and firmness is perfect. Karen

I offer the firm neck pillow to my dental patients. It provides comfort to patients with anxiety. Ron

The neck pillow is wonderful. My daughter also uses it in the car and when she is on her phone. I will be buying more for sure. Melissa

It is awesome. I also take it when I travel and sleep much better on my work trips. The neck pillow fits great in my travel bag. The navy pillowcase washes great. Eileen

I call it my napping pillow! I love it. Scott

My mom loves the neck pillow. It works perfect for her. She received her neck pillow fast too. Thank you. Tami

It's hard to find a comfortable neck pillow. This one is super comfortable. I love it. Lindsay 

Thank you for your thoughts & comments!

Our company is 100% committed to  customer satisfaction.  the g perfect neck pillow may be "perfect" for you too... although, We also understand that Sometimes - "one size doesn't fit all"  or "comfort standard"  does not always meet personal expectations.  G Perfect Neck pillow always offers a risk Free - 100% Satisfaction guarantee with all purchases.  if you are not satisfied - you can return it for a replacement or refund within 60 days of purchase by simply - contacting us. 

Our company

 takes great pride

 in our products 

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Monday - July 25, 2022 

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G Perfect Neck Pillow

Monday - July 18, 2022 

Why - G Perfect Neck Pillow?

Many People Ask - Why did you design the neck​ pillow? 

Here's Exactly Why -

For many years, I struggled during the night with unpredictable arm tingling and numbness along with many morning headaches, neck pain, neck stiffness, anxiety about "going to sleep" and long tired days. After recognizing this was not a medical issue, I knew I had to solve and fix my ongoing struggles - on my own!

I designed the neck pillow in 2019 & happily - I have not had any arm tingling, numbness, morning headaches or neck pain since. I still use the neck pillow everyday because I sleep in a more comfortable state than I ever have! 

Why - I named it Perfect? It works perfectly to solve many nighttime sleep, morning & daytime issues, while providing the necessary neck support for Happy - Everyday Neck Health & Well-Being!

When you know something completely works and is comforting, sharing with others is simple!  Sincerely, Geanine   

Company Mission

To help many who experience neck and head health conditions, 

sleep disturbances and provide a more comfortable 

every night sleep & rest for everyone. Ultimately resulting 

in a refreshing and positive new day.

Monday - July 11, 2022 

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G Perfect Neck Pillow!

Monday - May 23, 2022 

The G​ Perfect Neck Pillow is the 

Perfect Solution to Enjoy the Beautiful Day!

Photograph  -  Lake Michigan Beach, Empire Michigan 

Getting quality sleep is very important to your quality of life and health.

"Sleep is of equal importance to two other key aspects of health: proper nutrition and regular exercise. Together, these three -nutrition, exercise and sleep form the three pillars of health." - Harvard Medical School Division of Sleep Medicine

"More than 1 in 3 Americans are Sleep-Deprived." - The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

"As many as 67% of adults report sleep disturbances at least once every night." - Phillips Global Sleep Survey

How the G Perfect Neck Pillow helps - Important findings!

Mayo Clinic -  "Use a small pillow under your neck for neck pain."

Cleveland Clinic - "The pillow will need to fill a smaller space between your shoulder and your head, to ease neck pain." - Dr. Andrew Bang 

Healthline - "Use a special neck pillow for sleeping."

Physical Therapist - Mayami Oyanagi "Put a towel or a small pillow under your neck for extra cushioning for better support when you sleep."

Mark Reddick - The Sleep Advisor "People who sleep well will tend to report lower levels of stress, greater happiness and an improved quality of life.  It might be hard to believe that something like a neck support pillow could have such a profound effect on your life, but it's true.  Pick out an excellent neck pillow and you may see your life improved in ways you would have never imagined."

The G Perfect Neck Pillow is The Perfect & Also Excellent - Everyday Sleep Solution! 

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Monday - May 2, 2022

May is Mental Health Awareness Month! 

Live and Love - Life Happier!

Mental Health Awareness Month was started in 1949 by Mental Health America (MHA) The theme for 2022 is "Back to Basics".  

Everyone faces challenges in life that we acknowledge, deal with or adapt to, learn and grow from.  Challenges can be overcome and viewed as positive, allowing individuals to feel mentally stronger.

If you find yourself struggling in life for any known or un-known reason, it is very important to seek and accept professional medical help! Never feel embarrassed or ashamed to receive mental wellness true to yourself! Seeking help is admirable and a positive challenge that can change your life.

Life can truly become easier and brighter with professional mental wellness help, patience, love (for yourself & others) and hope for better days ahead.

Click the link below to learn more important information from Mental Health America or please share with anyone who may need mental health help or tips!

Important Information!

 Mental Health Month


Helpful Information & Tools from

Mental Health America

Click Here!

The G Perfect Neck Pillow helps  sleep anxiety 

and can be used as a sleeping - comfort aid! 

Monday - March 28, 2022

Perfect Comfort For ​-

Frequently asked customer questions - 

1.  What makes the neck pillow "perfect"? 

The G Perfect Neck Pillow is -

-Super comfortable & very relaxing

-Pillowcase & pillow protector included

-Provides neck protection 

-Helps relieve aches & pain 

-Relieves "going to bed" sleep anxiety 

-Fits great filling in the neck "gap" area 

-Allows you to fall asleep faster 

-Curbs night time excessive movements

-Remains in place during the night

-Helps provide a refreshing tomorrow

-Nice looking & stored protected 

-Portable for travel & room to room 

A natural neck pillow product that...

you never knew you needed! 

2.  I am a side sleeper, how do I use the neck pillow? Place the neck pillow directly in front of your bed pillow. Lay your head on your bed pillow and neck pillow supporting your neck. The neck pillow enhances your bed pillow by creating a neck wedge, in which helps allow your head to remain on your bed pillow and your neck supported. No more scrunching your bed pillow under your neck!

3.  I am not sure what comfort level would be good for me? 

The Firm - Original is most preferred for anyone who struggles with good sleep, has head or neck conditions or life stress that disrupts quality sleep. It provides exceptional neck comfort with a cool feel. A comfortable firm neck pillow - not at all hard, stiff or too firm for your neck....a "just right" feel.

The Soft - also provides exceptional neck comfort.  A lighter and warmer feeling neck pillow.  It provides great neck support & comfort without even noticing the neck pillow is there. 

4. Shipping is only $5, how long will it take for me get? Our company ships via USPS Priority Mail - 1  to 3 day shipping depending on your location in the United States. Orders will be processed & shipped within 24 hours of purchase.

5.  Can I wash the neck pillow?  It is recommended to wash the pillowcase and pillow protector with delicate care & low heat dry. The pillow filled portion can also be washed (if necessary) with delicate care.  *Important- dry completely with low temperature heat before use. 

Monday - March 7, 2022

G Perfect Neck Pillow 

Side Sleeper - Neck Comfort!

The G Perfect Neck Pillow is not intended to replace your favorite pillow...It is designed to enhance it!

As we sleep, normal movement is good

 for proper blood flow.

 During those movements our body has a tendency to slide downward 

creating a neck "gap or space".  

 The G Perfect Neck Pillow fills in that empty gap, 

remains in place and adds necessary neck support.

- Similar to a supplemental vitamin...

sometimes we are just missing something simple 

that can make a big difference in 

our health & life!

Pictures below are just a few common

 reasons why your sleep

 may become disrupted


how the G Perfect Neck Pillow will help!

Our First Blog Entry

Monday - February 14, 2022

Happy Valentine's Day!

Welcome to the Official - 

G Perfect Neck Pillow Website and Communication page. I am extremely excited about the opportunity to Share the amazing Everyday neck comfort with Everyone and look forward to Communicating with You! 

May Your Valentine's Day be filled with Love & Kindness!


Geanine - G  

Designer & Company Founder