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Perfect Neck Pillow 

Designed to make sleep, rest & life more comfortable!

Memorial Day Special - through 6/4

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  Perfect Comfort For ​-

G Perfect Neck Pillow -

 Protective Bag

 Available for purchase in Store

G Perfect Neck Pillow Is -

Firm - G Perfect Neck Pillow

 Truly - The neck pillow 

you have been missing!  

Perfect Size for Anywhere & Everyone

Product Information  


Choose Comfort Level - Firm or Soft  

Firm - Original design is perfect for frequent headaches and neck pain. A cool-feel neck pillow with firm comfort neck support. Made with the highest quality of cooling gel memory foam & natural cotton.  100% cooling-cotton zippered pillow protector.  Perfect for anyone with neck pain, headaches , stress or restless sleep! 

Soft is perfect for light comfort neck support. A super soft, light & warm feel neck pillow. Made with the highest quality of soft cluster polyester fiber, natural cotton and gel memory foam pieces. Super soft microfiber zippered pillow protector.  This lighter (carry-transport) pillow is Perfect for children and older adults or anyone without neck pain or tension, stress or headaches!   

Choose Pillowcase Color 

Black, Navy, Off-White   pictured below

After deciding comfort level & pillowcase color...Ordering the G Perfect Neck Pillow is simple in the Store!

When to Use the Everyday neck pillow - During night-time for all night quality sleep, powernap comfort, passenger road travel, business or vacation travel & relaxing outdoors! The neck pillow is also very comforting when feeling unwell. 

Reason to Purchase Health Benefit - The neck is a vital part of the human body and contains many important nerves and arteries that supply blood to the brain. Protecting and comforting our neck when we sleep or rest is very important to our health.  ​Since we sleep on average 1/3 of our lives, why not make it the most comfortable sleep for our neck too!  


G Perfect Neck Pillow~Happier Neck Health 

 Doctor Approved!

Night-time neck pillow Placement - Simply place the G Perfect Neck Pillow directly in front of your current favorite pillow (complements all-size bed pillows)  for complete comfort &  proper neck support. Precisely designed  to eliminate the need to "scrunch pillow"  or "fill in neck gap" , by providing the necessary neck support  and comfort throughout the night! 

Neck pillow Care - Delicate wash with low heat dry for pillow protector & pillowcase.   

*pillow is not recommended to be washed

Everyday neck pillow Performance - Better quality sleep, rest and neck pain comfort & relief!  The amazing feeling of a protected neck while sleeping or resting is underestimated until you use  the one & only -  G Perfect Neck Pillow!

G Perfect Neck Pillow - Black, Navy & Off-White

Become Another Happy Customer 

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G Perfect Neck Pillow Store!

G Perfect Neck Pillow Dimensions20" length, 7" width , 4" height

Shipping & Handling Fee - $5 per Neck Pillow

(excluding International shipping)

Free Shipping for Travel Bag & Additional Pillowcase Purchase

Pure Packaging Guarantee - All  G Perfect Neck Pillow products are stored, sold and shipped in protective packaging. 

100% Satisfaction Guarantee - G Perfect Neck Pillow stands behind everything we sell.  If you are not satisfied, you can return it for a replacement or refund within 60 days of purchase.